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I can see why this wasn't funded, however I won't post it here publicly.  If the devs wish to get my full (unfiltered) feedback, please join up to my Discord server (linked in my itch profile) and we'll have some nice Game Design chat :)

Much love and best of luck with your future endeavors <3


The game feels good - plenty of potential already. Good luck with your kickstarter


Not a bad start! I screwed up by trying to play with a keyboard, a qwerty one no less, and messing up the game audio, but had a good time overall! ran into a few bugs, but I like the direction this is heading. I'll be back for a second episode as well! Detailed feedback at the end of the vid!

Thanks ! Hope you will enjoy Modgud ! 😉


Thumbs up from me. I really do hope the kickstarter goes well for you guys.

Good Luck


Thanks for your support and the video, we are glad you enjoy it :)

Always a pleasure DEV.



I was not expecting Nora being so.. not Viking like. :) But I bet she can find her place in Valhalla. Good luck with the Kickstarter!


We hope too ! Thank you for your support ! :)