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The game feels good - plenty of potential already. Good luck with your kickstarter


Not a bad start! I screwed up by trying to play with a keyboard, a qwerty one no less, and messing up the game audio, but had a good time overall! ran into a few bugs, but I like the direction this is heading. I'll be back for a second episode as well! Detailed feedback at the end of the vid!

Thanks ! Hope you will enjoy Modgud ! 😉


Thumbs up from me. I really do hope the kickstarter goes well for you guys.

Good Luck


Thanks for your support and the video, we are glad you enjoy it :)

Always a pleasure DEV.



I was not expecting Nora being so.. not Viking like. :) But I bet she can find her place in Valhalla. Good luck with the Kickstarter!


We hope too ! Thank you for your support ! :)